7 Shocking Facts About Cambodia Travel Told By An Expert

With InsideVietnam Tours a Cambodia holiday transports you to the Southeast Asia of postcards: smiling people and orange-robed monks; tropical fruit, golden Khmer temples, lush rice paddies, tuk tuks, coconut curries served on banana leaves and traditional wooden boats. Le Temps des aveux (The Gate), a French-Belgian-Cambodian biographical film, and The Killing Fields are worth watching before travelling. While visiting Cambodia, you’ll hear talk of genocide and witness many citizens maimed by landmines left in fields by the Khmer Rouge.

Read about this communist era to understand the country’s past. Cambodia is still reeling from the Khmer Rouge reign of terror. At Khiri we have some of the best and most unique product in Cambodia and would love to share our passion for this wonderful country with you!

There are few places you can travel from the most spectacular temple ruins in the world to a lush remote jungle to a hip modern metropolis to a community based homestay in the mountains to a pristine tropical beach paradise, all in a matter of a few days. Along with this rapid development has come some of the best hotels, service and tourism industry in the region, making Cambodia a total destination for any kind of traveler. Cambodia has been developing at break neck speed going from total destruction to a bustling, stable and relatively prosperous economy in only 20 years.

Aiming to take you beyond the obvious, our specialists can build a tailor-made itinerary to help you make the most of your Cambodia holiday. Our Southeast Asia specialists have visited Cambodia time and time again, meeting knowledgeable guides and seeking out comfortable beds in sublime locations. The intricately carved Temples of Angkor are Cambodia’s main draw, but elsewhere in the country you’ll find vibrant minority villages and great swathes of wilderness.

A period of decline followed, with the 15th to the 19th centuries marking a time of Cambodia travel news having a lower profile in international affairs, until coming under French Colonial rule in 1863. It’s more than likely that a combination of factors including drought, the arrival of the Plague and the rise of neighbouring Thai superpower Ayutthaya resulted in the loss of momentum for a once-powerful empire. There are many theories that speculate on the decline of the Khmer Empire.

Temple inscriptions depicting daily life, religious ceremonies and military exploits give us important insights into this fascinating civilisation. The world-famous temples of Angkor were built during this period, and hold important clues to how life was lived back then. This was a time of growth and expansion, and many of the artistic treasures and archaeological monuments that Cambodia is known for come from this era.

Regarded as one of the most powerful empires in the world, the Khmer Empire prospered from the 9th to the 13th centuries. Various empires arose in the early stages of Cambodian history, with the Funan and Chenla Kingdoms reigning before the rise of the Khmer civilisation. Evidence of early life in Cambodia dates back to 1500BC, and further evidence suggests that by the 1st Century, rice cultivation, fishing and animal husbandry were the basis of organised society in Cambodia.